September 15

Kevin Hart: The American Dream

This is not the original video or commercial it was deleted from youtube. I wrote this post for the commercial I originally posted one that related to the examples I gave.

I’ve been seeing this commercial a lot and hadn’t realized until today that it related to the American Dream. The first video that I saw was not as long and didn’t talk about things he didn’t do. When looking into the video more I found this longer version and knew I had to write a post on it. Making a distinction between what he did and didn’t do has made it pertain even more to class. The video shows all the ways that people can make it to the top; trying to be someone your not to fit in and making connections, though you may not like the person behind the connection. Then the commercial hits you with hard work the ultimate American way to make it to the top. Vitamin Water’s slogan is hydrate the hustle which started out for exercise purposes, with this commercial they are shifting their focus to broaden the spectrum to reach all social classes with the American Dream and hard work.