September 5

IAD: American Dream

The song is titled Working Man by Imagine Dragons

I’m testing out some of the features and thought that I would add this as a learning experience/ entertaining/ chance to add a little personal information. I am personally a fan of Imagine Dragons and (fun fact) I have seen them in concert. I happened upon this song recently and it brought to mind the hope that some Americans and immigrants still have in the American Dream with lyrics like “Been a long time coming for the working man…….When the money is high, we can start to spend“. Bring up the hope and belief that comes with the American Dream.  Another striking lyric to me is “I think this life is darker then the view”. The view is the dream or the light at the end of the tunnel and I believe that the artist is implying that, like the American Dream, your hard work will eventually pay off.

American Dream (my opinion of the description)- when first created was about making it to middle class and having a steady content life, not about the material gains in life. With time comes change and the Americans description of the American Dream has grown to more materialistic views since the term was coined.


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Hello, I am a student @ UMW. I was forced by my freshmen seminar class called Inequality and the American Dream, to create a blog about topics that we discus throughout the class. Though this is the main reason the blog was created, I have also created it to be a sort of journal of my time @ UMW. Not about my social life but about the interesting and fun things that I do in my classes. I hope that others will join in to share things that relate or topics that would create interesting conversations!! I hope you have fun and enjoy this blog!!


  1. By Prof.G on

    Cool audio. The song really fits our class and your insights were right on.


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