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IAD: Economic Inequality America

Economic Inequality

Sorry to steal your image Dr. Rycroft but this was the image that struck me the most out of our readings and searches I conducted online. I had known that economic inequality had a huge gap because I have seen this image before in a previous class. Though I hadn’t remembered correctly the magnitude of difference that the top 20 percentile of citizens and the rest of citizens had between one another. What struck me as funny was having seen this image before and still believing what most Americans thought. Though I can’t decide if the chart, showing the actual view, should be considered a bad sign because without unequal distribution of wealth there wouldn’t be a lower class or an upper class. Without those differences we would become a socialist nation which I haven’t determined if that is a bad idea either. I would love to hear peoples thoughts on this topic. I know I am very ignorant in discussions of these topics but hopefully through discussions in class and on the blog I’ll gain more sound perspective.


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Hello, I am a student @ UMW. I was forced by my freshmen seminar class called Inequality and the American Dream, to create a blog about topics that we discus throughout the class. Though this is the main reason the blog was created, I have also created it to be a sort of journal of my time @ UMW. Not about my social life but about the interesting and fun things that I do in my classes. I hope that others will join in to share things that relate or topics that would create interesting conversations!! I hope you have fun and enjoy this blog!!


  1. By Prof.G on

    Nice first post! Don’t let labels prevent you from thinking your ideas through. What is a lower/upper class? Why is having them a good thing? I’m not disagreeing with you; I just want to hear what you think in more detail.

  2. By Lilah Beebe (Post author) on

    Well what I have learned is that normally lower class means the 2 bottom 20% on the chart and the upper class is the top 2 20%. I think that gap gives people something to strive for and be afraid of. If the country was all middle class wouldn’t it be a dull place without competition and strive, I think that essential words associated with America would be forgotten. We would no longer be the land of the free or the home of the American Dream. I have no objections to the way that wealth is distributed as long as we can find a balance so that the bottom percentiles are not dying for the lack of things. This is not saying that I am fine with the way they are living if we could help them into the struggling 2nd 20% then I think that would still keep enough of a space between middle class and the lower class keeping the fear of being at the bottom alive.

  3. By Sophia Hamdan on

    I don’t think that having more equal distribution of wealth is a bad thing; it is definitely a great idea! I think that with any reform or policy, there must be some level of compromise. We must avoid extremes when considering how to change the economic system.

    Question: Why do you think that it would be a bad idea if there was not a lower or upper class?


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